Aristocratic Restaurant Exterior
Aristocratic Restaurant Interior
Park Theatre
Plaza Theatre
2400 Motel Court
BC Collateral Pawnbroker
Cates Towing
Seven Seas Restaurant
Stanley Theatre
Seymour Billiards
Revolving W
Marine View Cafe Interior
Marine View Cafe Exterior
Helen the Neon Girl on a Swing
Commodore Cabaret
Classical Joint Coffee House
Sun Tower
White Lunch Cafeteria
Penthouse Cabaret
Cobalt Hotel
Astoria Hotel
Smilin' Buddha Cabaret
Only Cafe
Ovaltine Cafe Exterior
Ovaltine Cafe Interior
Vogue Theatre
Ho Ho Chop Suey Restaurant
Balmoral Hotel
Empress Hotel
Joe's Cafe
B.C.Royal Cafe
White Rose Cafe
Green Door Restaurant
Railway Club
2 Jay's Cafe
Hollywood Theatre
Vie's Chicken and Steak House
Hong Kong Cafe
Blue Eagle Cafe
Niagara Hotel
Sunrise Market
Star Weekly
Naam Restaurant
Chinese Times Newspaper
Lucky Time Cafe
Save-On Meats
Wo Fat Bakery
Yale Hotel
Orpheum Theatre
Ridge Theatre