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Wo Fat Company

Oldest enduring Chinese family bakery in Vancouver. Home to the famous 'Wo Fat Co.' moon and black bean cakes known far and wide. The intriguing Wo Fat Company is first registered in 1923, in the city license roster, as a candy and fruit dealer for a $25 one year fee by Way Yuen, and is listed as a cake company in the Vancouver City Directory the same year, at 90 ½ East Pender, with the bakery located at 59 East Pender. Wo Fat bakery and cake factory occupies the second floor of 59 East Pender (later home to the Chin Won Musical Society), in a section of the oldest cluster of buildings constructed in Chinatown. Wo Fat Co. store sustains about thirty years at 90½ East Pender, until 1954. A move to 53 East Pender in 1954, close to the factory, continues the family bakery business here, until the mid-'70s. A 1975 shuffle through the alley to a location at 30 East Hastings, for almost two decades, achieves a crossover venture outside of the Chinatown borders onto 'low fan gaai' or white people streets. Here, Way's son Wing and his wife Wai Fong, eldest daughter Yu Han and younger daughter Grace have a cheerful presence. Distilling in the dusty magic of old-world mercantile nobility, this reach into a reverence for the simple hand-making and selling of little Chinese pastries and cakes has deep, significant cultural meaning, and charms thousands of devotees as one of the last East Hastings shops of quaint peculiarity. Wo Fat Co., you touched our souls and will always itch at the amnesia of our memories.