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White Rose Cafe

1958-origin at 516 West Pender Street. This refined hand-blown master signage is a true piece of neon sculpture giving us a few slim decades of pure street art in an essence. The vibrating red, green and white against the black theatre of night possesses an immediately intimate romantic notion as you pass beneath its opening. Bold and breathing, urban wildcraft'immersed in her imagination, a rapturous dance. White Rose. The promise hovers all around her, giving something to her audience, beauty'taunting the world and its thick, dry ways. Truth swims to the surface, lives on the skin and cannot hide. As is the way with animal shapes passing in the clouds for children to see, pantomime of the way it is. The White Rose is neon sculpture at its best. Singular and stark. Meek and bold. A vivid pungent neon language. My caught heart criss-crosses my mind. I am lost and found in memory of the vibrancy. It's a shame she's gone. Omega Rose. Acrobat of space and symbol. Just a memory now that has disappeared into something synthetic. Our past becomes as elusive as a dream, we are not sure of anything that has happened. Neon at the zenith of its messaging burns a profound memory on Vancouver's self-expression as a city.