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White Lunch Restaurant

Vancouver's White Lunch, operated by bakers Neil and Thos Sorenson opens in 1913 at its first location across from Woodward's at 124 W-Hastings Street in the 1899 Ralph Block, with its façade of cast-iron mullions enclosed in piers of brick. It resurfaces at 128 East Hastings in 1916, sharing the bill with the Golden Gate Cafe by 1920, and takes the establishment over completely between '33''36. This is the original location of the Greek Club Room in 1919 and the Blue Eagle Cafe by 1944. Now a heap of bricks and a gaping hole in the street-scape of East Hastings. This first restaurant chain in Vancouver cafe history also opens and operates three additional locations, one at 57 East Hastings between the Lux Theatre and BC Collateral/77 Loans, (Vancouver's first, origin 1900, long-running pawn and diamond brokerage, just recently folded), plus a 714 West Pender location. The last to remain open is at 865 Granville Street next to Pantages' Peter Pan Cafe on Theatre-row. This original restaurant chain displays one of Vancouver's most inventive and recognizable neon signs. A scurry of silhouette customer figures rotating on a cup and saucer carousel with a curl of rising steam, above the cavernous, 124 seat cafeteria, with the big wooden booths and hot beds of carnivorous ready-to-scoop meals. As the White Lunch Cafeteria's name states this establishment is for white people only.