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Vogue Theatre

Granville Street. Era of the Golden Goddess. Authentic 1941-origin 1,234-seat show theatre. A combination vaudeville stage and movie house of the silver screen. The opening is the epitome of Vancouver hip culture and a very glitzy event featuring Dal Richards' 25-piece Big Band with Juliette as the canary. A long and flamboyant career as a cinema house. The sensational marquee captures the awe of the people. A 62-foot high sign of large maroon lettering, enlivened with spray flood-lighting from below, topped by a twelve-foot tall, gold-leaf painted sculpture of Diana, mythical goddess of chastity and the hunt. Daring Diana first appears as a bas relief sheet-metal figure designed by Lew Parry, art director for Neon Products Co., and made by artist Bud Graves for $500. Her 1967 re-creation, a gleaming, twelve-foot neon goddess to behold, at a price tag of $5,000 is the darling of the people and reported to be beautiful and worth it. Deemed to be the 'mistress project' of Harry Reifel, the booze baron that owns the Vogue, Orpheum, Capital, and the Commodore on Vancouver's magnificent Theatre Row. The 'Great White Way' of the day. For many years the lovely Diana is dark, glooming and unclothed, waiting to be noticed again. Vancouver's ghost lady in waiting. Femme fatal. A recently restored marquee and a remarkable third reincarnation of our beloved neon lady'Diana has been accomplished. Our golden goddess and her delicious charm has neon dignity and living presence once again.