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Sun Tower

Colossal Edwardian structure at Pender and Beatty Streets. Original home to The Vancouver World newspaper. An evening paper. The print oracle of Vancouver's last turn of the century. Erected in 1912, at 272 feet high and 17 stories, it is the 'tallest building in the Empire.' A splendid phallus with a capped dome; crowned with a globe. It is amply adorned with nine stunning Charles Marega stone-sculpted maidens below the cornice. The nine beauties are not scribe nymphs nor the nine muses of arts and science'.no they are Greek Caryatids'single-legged women of Caryae doomed to a destiny of hard labour as draped statues used to hold up heavy columns of worldly entablature for eternity. In 1937 the World Building reincarnates as the Sun Tower. The Sun, along with Neon Products, creates and installs a mammoth neon sign in large, block, shouting characters, 'THE SUN,' repeated on two other sides, and amplified in design by six neon lightning bolts shooting off the words. In addition, lines of neon run up the corners of the nine-storey, hexagonal tower on ladders, like legs walking in the night sky below the adorned cupola, topped by a 700-bulb, aluminum painted, lighted globe. The globe has a seven-foot circumference and three-foot diameter. This is the era of visually speaking buildings. Buildings are wearing neon like clothes. Neon as architecture. There is an awakening.