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Sunrise Market

Powell and Gore. This distinctive corner is perhaps the epitome of the true Vancouver experience. Boxes and crates of the freshest produce lining the sidewalks first appear at these crossroads in 1963. Founder Leslie Joe establishes his Sunrise Market surrounding a small tofu factory in the backroom. Soon a mecca, calling in a daily torrent of shoppers from all walks of life drawn to the wide-fan spread of fruits and vegetables, from the simple to the exotic. This market echoes the open air tent stalls of the lost era of the Japanese Powell Street community farmer's day market thriving in the '20s, '30s, and early '40s stretching from Powell along Main to Pender. A show of store strings and wires and lights celebrate the colours of earth-life. Theatre props of the living market. This is where the heart beats faster. A cultural artery to the old ways as it always has been. An endless stage of wishes and wants and wonders. Dazzling harvest. Vegetables dance, kelp-greens-herbs-spices sing harmony, fruits sparkle. This is the big tent. Main event. Ground level. Real stuff and real people. Archives. A harmony of movement. You can feel a higher vibration. The Market is a masterpiece of life, where nothing pretends to be something. An onion is an onion. It has an opinion. A turnip familiar, itself. It is glad you noticed it. A worship of survival. May the Sun always rise at this Vancouver corner Market.