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Star Weekly

Star Weekly Newspaper and Tobaccos. 'On the Drive.' Tattered and weathered this significant pocket of old time history remains open. The last 'Star Weekly' outlet signage in Vancouver, perhaps Canada. The 'Star Weekly' is a country-wide national weekend magazine institution invented by The Toronto Star in 1910, eventually becoming an insert in many local dailies. Hundreds of grocery stores, corner shops, prescription drug outlets, new-stands, bus depots hang the famous neon star across the land in country, city and small-town Canada. Grandview Tobaccos' unlit neon star is now dark and dreary and wears a sad face of betrayal. Once the main actor in a continuous 40-year day and night performance. Shining bright...the pink and white neon star was an antique beacon along Commercial Drive. Its single pulse a steady graceful note. Memory's envelope. 'Just like it always has been. The people want it that way,' says Mrs. Sajoo, the once long-reigning caretaker/proprietor. A beauty mark in the community. An establishment with an eventful history as a store of sundries that goes back to 1909, serving the stop on the Interurban line through the bush to New Westminster. Grandview Theatre opens across the street in 1913. Now in suspended animation of a time and voice a nanosecond from extinction; from dust. Mrs. Sajoo's last words reverberate. 'Remember'the body is not eternal'only the soul.' This is the stage of the last Star.