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Save-On Meats

Al DesLauriers, Save-On Meats proprietor and patriarch saw his destiny of becoming a butcher and owning his own Meat Store in his minds-eye when he was a spunky 12 years, and would take the Hastings tram into downtown Vancouver from New Westminister. The large rotating light-bulb sign said Jones Tent and Awning then. In 1957 Benny Wosk has a good idea and offers Al a long-term million-dollar deal. Al leaps across Hastings Street from his existing Front Street Meats to buy the operation and building from his neighbour to actualize his boyhood dream. He survives and thrives on this miraculous, magical expedition along with the comical joy and hilarity of his Wallace Neon Flying Pink Pigs just inside 'the devil's half acre' for over fifty years. The best all-service meat store on Hastings Street with a very loyal day-in day-out following. 'I raised my family here.' 'Always bargains in the window, we just kept coming back.' Friendly counter girls with the flourescent pink hats and the butcher boys with bright blue aprons. They knew your name. There was love in the walls. 'Where else can you get a whole lamb's head with the tongue, for stewing in the flavour and taste?' The famous horseshoe-counter coffee shop appears at the back in 1960. Reputed to serve the best Cheeseburger in the city according to the V.P.D. 'There will be nowhere else to go if it closes.' Al's last words as he shuts the door, ' I feel like I just started. It's great, but it's not.'