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Penthouse Cabaret

Joe Philliponi gets Eagle Time Delivery Service going with bicycles in 1934. He delivers a parcel up to 15 pounds and collects C.O.D.'s ' all for 8 cents. The Delivery boy gets 4 cents. He buys the house on Seymour Street's 'Little Italy' in 1938 and moves in upstairs. By 1939 Eagle Time Delivery evolves to include motorcycles with sidecars, trucks and the three-car Diamond Cab Company that works from Birks Clock stand up the street. Their motto is 'We Circle the City.' Along with brothers Ross, Jimmy and Mickey, the family opens The Steak Loft in 1941. There is a raised boxing ring inside a large, drop-level middle room in the house. Jimmy Filipponi is a boxer. The Eagle-Time Athletic Club comes about. Their amateur sport sponsorship schemes become vastly successful and fashionable. By 1947 a dine-and-dance supper club with an intimate piano bar upstairs is launched out of the popular boxing-club Gymnasium. A police raid on Joe's upstairs, after-hours 'penthouse' prompts Joe to apply, without success, for a liquor license under that name in 1951. The name 'The Penthouse' comes into the world. Becomes 'The place for the night patrol'...newspapermen, entertainers, businessmen, travelling salesmen. Carousers. Regulars bring their own bottle and leave it with their name on it for the next visit. The Penthouse is Vancouver's notorious, long-surviving family-owned party supper club. Still thrives.