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Naam Restaurant

Naam Restaurant finds its beginnings in the former 'burgers and acid' Love Cafe along transcending 'Rainbow Row'/Fourth Avenue, 1968. The same year Joachim Foikis, the newly self-appointed 'Town Fool' proclaims that Vancouver is to be governed by the magic spell of folly. The original people to form the Naam spill from a Buddhist hive across the street called Golden Lotus Natural Foods. 'You are what you eat' food awareness is surfacing and spiritual concerns are shifting to health concerns. At its nucleus is the Golden Lotus Restaurant. A gathering proclaiming to be in pursuit of 'the good life.' Vancouver's first vegetarian offering is the Buddhist Feast at 50 cents a heaping plate, still on the menu at the eternal Naam today. This last true sixties cultural phenomenon has journeyed caravan through time to be in our midst, as though some organic hologram. One big, intricate, whittled wood carving from an ancient zen forest of gnarly trees. For almost five decades the Naam has been the big campfire for a collection of characters from the fringe. A 24-hour cozy wood-stove place, with a funky, hollow-tree, mystical warmth where the 'centre of gravity is living.' In the ancient middle world of Arabia, Naam means the harvest bundle of precious foods given to each newborn for the journey through life,'just what is needed.' May Naam be with you.