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Lucky Time Cafe

A stone's toss off Victory Square on East Hastings, down the little slope of Cambie Street a half a block, hunkered down in the alley shadow of the ornate masterpiece, thirteen-story 1910 Dominion Building once sits the classic, 1956 Chinese eatery called the Lucky Time Cafe. This drawing is a resurrection of its comic-book spunk, quick lunches and the pulp romance notion of 'Booths for Ladies and Gents.' The Lucky Time, a date-cafe, bubbles in the inner heart of Vancouver for many decades. A sailor's delight. We must squint to get a glimmer of its authentic face, to see through the disappearing and the disappeared. To remember for a moment the baffling slippages such as the Lucky Time Cafe'the silver of our souls'into the surgery of modern times. Little bits of warm, glowing, tangled neon jutting out over a doorway of dreams in the Vancouver night. The old cafes are all completely unique. To possess a spectrum of dissimilarities is a wealth we must not forget; nor forfeit. To hear the original voice that speaks from inside. Through the nightmare tangle of droopy alley electrical wires, the surreal 'W' pokes up phantom and periscope in an ironic twist on the mouth of the sky. Caught orbital dreamer. Without circling; without time. A scarecrow artifact not yet shredded by the chaos. Luck and time run out: Lucky Time Cafe sputters to a halt and expires in the late '80s. We still miss its funny face.