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Helen's Neon Girl

Helen's Children Wear. Situated up East Hastings Street on the lofty Heights of North Burnaby. The glint in the eye of the 1948 paper maché stork in Helen Arnold's first children's store window is a foretelling of the wonderful magical 1956 arrival of Helen: the sweetheart birth child of Vancouver's neon family. She is a kinetic girl that rocks back and forth on her neon swing'created with the new store, in the former Municipal Hall up the street. 'Golden neon hair, rose pink neon dress, white neon legs, and blue neon slippers.' An everlasting girl that just loves to swing. The heart-throb of every passing eye. She faithfully performs live continuous day and night theatre for a near sixty-year run, to the delight of the car-crazed culture in all kinds of weather 'til 2007. A world-famous, very original design; perhaps the most recognizable visual landmark in Vancouver's neon repertoire. An artistic Reeve Lehman brainwave piece, from the stellar and innovative Jack Wallace Neon Company team of the day. This authentic store offers made-by-hand dresses, gowns, and tuxes in the exceptional window displays, a great attraction. The classical mannequins, casts and molds crafted by Helen's mother Nettie Traynor, are a feature. Helen...the neon girl on a swing has been resurrected by Burnaby Heights Merchants Association. An epic pop-culture landmark lives on.