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Green Door Restaurant

Chinatown café simply known by the colour of its door, located at 111A East Pender Street, in the rear. Market Alley. Originally opens in the active alley in 1935, without a sign, as a kitchen for the up-front gambling club situated at 111 East Pender; a relationship that exists 'til the last day. In the '50s, '60s and '70s the Green Door is a destination-poem on the tongues of travellers along the grapevine. No appointment necessary. A ghost address. Not listed in the Vancouver City Directory. Many have trekked off to find the bright light over the mystical Green Door in the Chinatown alley. 'That's it!' Inside the sparse, windowless, open kitchen room with a hanging propeller fan, pillars, scattered tables, and six round stools at a lime-green counter, you will find the mingling odours and the flickering flame of the big cook-everything wok. Simple, cheap, good food; you order by number...up to 88 dishes to choose from. In the high times Chow Mein at 60 cents a heaping plate, with prawns, a $1.10. Today the alley is a scourge. The Green Door has disappeared. The ghettos of skid-road and Chinatown merge here in the alley of bright coloured doors. This is where a city's jagged nervous system unravels. Open drug ward. There's at one time, an Orange Door Restaurant and a Red Door Restaurant in this alley. Tombs of a time gone.