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Cobalt Motor Hotel

An original last standing brick and mortar 1911 Railway and Motor Hotel featuring a classic drive-thru breezeway to the parking lot rear. The Cobalt is a true architectural sliding door between our past and future. This is the razor's edge of Vancouver society. Excitement of the trains bringing the future with romantic notion to the coast is the revolution of the day. Railway Hotels grow out of the fresh-cut ground overnight such as the Strafford at Gore (a first skid-road for logs to Hastings Mill) and Keefer's logger's hotel that becomes a popular place for coloured travellers. Others include Bingarra, Main, Station, Ivanhoe, London becomes Pacific, Van-Port, American. There is a swirl and swagger that spills out along Main Street in the roaring '20s. The barbershop street culture arrives. A parade of Railway Cafes flourishes along Main Street. New Station Cafe, Maple Leaf Cafe, Vancouver Cafe, Winnipeg Cafe, Jubilee Cafe, Canada Cafe, Headlights Cafe, Railway Cafe, Atlas Cafe, Canada Cafe, Sweden Cafe, Sunnyside Cafe, Four Ten Coffeeshop, Harbour Cafe, Dominion Cafe, Province Cafe, Diamond Cafe. Today the Cobalt Hotel is one of a string of crumbling antique Hotels operating as slum tenements for the dispossessed. A hard and brittle place with a long history of troubles and calamities etched in its walls. A hellhole of crime and corruption disguised as a 'Medieval Hospital' for tortured and ravaged souls. A huff and puff away from falling down in a heap.