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Chinese Times Newspaper

The Chinese language newspaper, The Chinese Times, starts publishing in 1914 at 445 Carrall Street and, beginning in 1939, at 1 East Pender Street'first by the nationalist Cheekungtong Society, and by the 1920s under a name change, the Chinese Free Masons Society, for a lengthy run eventually folding in 1994. The Chee Kung Tong, a powerful secret society that supports the Chinese rebellion led by the revolutionary democratic reformer Dr. Sun Yat Sen, purchases this building in 1907. Erected in 1902, commissioned by Yip Sang's Wing Sang Company. It includes 7 bay windows and a cheater story or mezzanine above the first floor on Pender and an Italian-style façade on Carrall. Yip Sang also builds the logger's West Hotel that is situated in behind on Carrall Street, and the red brick family compound in the alley to house his four wives and 23 children. This institution publishes into the 1980s with typeset lettering using more than 7,000 Chinese characters. For the community The Chinese Times was the lifeline to the new land and the homeland, posted daily from on the windows to be read by the faithful flock. The immigration ban 'Chinese Expulsion Act' of 1923 lasting until 1947 stagnates and nearly wipes out the Chinese community. During the 1930s half the population (6,000 people) are lost to death or emigration. Abandoned by the B.C. Government by 1937, 60 tongs, organizations and societies, resiliently rise-up in the community to fend and care for their own survival. The Chinese Times is the key historical record of Vancouver Chinatown daily life.