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Aristocratic Restaurant Interior

This enchanting room with blue and red calico-striped walls, tall windows and a famous double half-moon coffee-counter perches in corner-door fashion at Broadway and Granville, everybody's crossroads and rendezvous for nearly sixty years. The quintessential Vancouver raised-stage booth, all- weather voyeur's view. Here's where people watching addicts' dreams come true. It's the anything-could-happen corner in Vanouver café mythology. Meet you at the Aristocratic. The tuning fork of flats and sharps. The sensational, bright pink and blue, hand-blown neon tubings casting flossy rainbow light on the sidewalk night passengers make it a delight to enter and sit-inside the rapturous glow. The magic is immediate. Coffee and chatter; cream and sugar. The B.C. Electric belt-line streetcar makes its loop-turn here on a regular run to Marpole and return. The lofty, two-car cabstand for Black-Top Taxi at the opposite corner. The hard-core, gritty and sentimental, all-night 1940s Black Cat Café, just east on Broadway. Sister greasy spoon Gray's Grill across the street at the alley west. The Pitman Business School sign turns in suspended certainty. Here you may see...the bank get robbed, cars crash, the day and night cacophony of conductor Risty's Vancouver intersection exchange. "A very human place"...says Minnie Gaynor, the day-shift girl for thirty years, " When it closes, I don't know where all the regulars will go."