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Aristocratic Restaurant Exterior

The time signature charade of Risty...the royal blue top-hat neon mascot with the bow tie, black cane and glass monocle eye has vanished. This Vancouver character has been the main actor of song and dance at these crossroads of Broadway and Granville since opening, with a grand splash at this choicest location in town, March 16, 1940. "Come on in!" our top-hat cat Risty, with the impish grin and debonair gaiety, seems to say when he gets your walking into a 1950's soap-pipe. A ticklish wonder. This popular Vancouver neon marquee master of ceremonies, Risty, rides a rising star reaching a zenith of fifteen locations. His loyal royal blue pledge...'Courteous Service - Quality Food...All Over Town' comes true, and he revels in the status of the largest restaurant chain in Canada. Hail to Vancouver's restaurant troubadour Risty, our favourite gleeman and rascal. A saucy little aristocractic man that got away with touching our hearts and becoming a little bit of each of us. Rest in peace. A true citizen of the world. Thanks for doing your faithful show at Broadway and Granville. Vancouver's corner candle for six decades.