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Seven Seas Restaurant

The infamous Seven Seas Restaurant neon sign (circa. 1959) sails bright on blue waves perched atop an antique ferryboat. A delightful hometown waterfront beacon at the bottom of the hill and foot of Lonsdale. A fabulous diner with the magnificent harbour skyline view. Seven Seas Seafood Buffet Table is legendary. Historically, a 1941 wooden hull built, steam-powered passenger ferry, number 5 in the fleet, and the last to exist in the waters of Burrard Inlet. Decommissioned in 1958 and converted to a floating restaurant in 1959 by Diamond Almas. A vessel and symbol of significant historical merit. Low ceilings and narrow corridors; four floors tall with a proud posture and spirit. A scarlet record of service transporting millions of citizens safe and sound to work and home again before the bridges of Lion Gate and Second Narrows were constructed. Demolished in 2002.