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Cates Towing

Captain Charles Cates, is the colourful founder and patriarch of the historic and romantic Cates Towing operation. Early marine records show he plays a major role in / learns the ropes and establishes a reliable reputation / hauling stone from the quarries of Gibsons and Squamish to rebuild Vancouver following the great fire of June 13, 1886, when all the standing structures were wiped out in less than one raging hour. C.H. Cates Towing officially forms in 1913 and builds the first cargo hauling wharf on the North Vancouver waterfront, at the foot of Lonsdale Ave. By 1921 Captain Cates is joined by his three sons--all master mariners--and incorporates as Charles H. Cates and Sons (1921) Ltd. A tug and barge transportation company, they perform as the primary shipdocking tug outfit in the Port of Vancouver for much of the 20th Century. Cates operations are robust and varied to include a range of boat building and repairs, plus their dedication and monumental service over many decades assisting in the vast task of moving ships and cargos from all over the world in and out of Burrard Inlet.