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BC Collateral Pawnbrokers / 77 Loans

An early origin of 1898 in the trading of goods. The first officially registered Pawnbroker in Vancouver in 1900 (a Chinese pawnbroker located in the thriving ghetto of Market Alley in Chinatown also exists in 1900). A long and deep street-level enterprise that parallels the rise and fall of historic Hastings Street. Surviving as a fixture at the corner of Columbia and East Hastings in the epicentre of the skid-road red zone for 113 years, with a recent demise in 2013. Their twirling 77 Loans/Sells neon signage reigns with a holy money magic on this carnival strip of Chicago-style, railway-inspired Hotel marquees and a long string of one-of-a-kind cafes, restaurants and clubs. BC Collateral Pawnbrokers’ wicket registry reads as an historical account of life on East Hastings, day in and day out, for over one hundred years. Bludgeoned out of business in its latter days by the persisent 24-hour drug-crazed, stolen goods blanket shows, ongoing in the frenzied street out front. Inside, BC Collateral Pawnbrokers, ‘til the last day, has an honourable code of ethics in business, that is rooted in its higher association with the Patron Saint Nicholas, the guiding light to Merchants and Pawnbrokers. To enter these doors is always an awakening to an acquired atmosphere where money lenders and locked safes abide. Mirrors and gems glitter in thick glass cabinets. Attitude prevails. A stern family-run enterprise where the owners shephard this archival phenomenon through the decades, into the longest continually-operating business in Vancouver history. Pawnbrokering is the world’s oldest financial institution. The earliest written promise. Possessions are pawned for a time held. If the goods are not redeemed, for the amount loaned, plus a fee, that may include interest, the Pawnbroker may sell the goods for a profit. The symbol of integrity: three golden balls suspended from a bar--representing three bags of gold--is a common shield displayed in the industry. BC Collateral Pawnbrokers advertise that they will pay...Instant cash for gold, silver, platinum, estate jewelry, fine watches, and close-outs. We Buy, Sell, Loan, Trade, Quality Goods.