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2400 Motel Court

Classic, historic, archival masterpiece from the early car-culture heydays. To encounter this quaint auto-court of yesteryear, at the cusp of it’s eminent disappearance, is to be held in the spell of a hand-painted 1946 cartoon puff. The quinisessential legendary artifact motel-auto-court of Kingsway: a cluster of eighteen bungalows along circle thru roads, still perchs picareously like a carnival in town, upon a 3½ acre grassy knoll of flower beds, landscaped lawns, picnic tables and a parade of shapely shrubs on Kingsway’s slope just west of Solcan. Glorious Kingsway: a swooping roller-coaster roadway linking the early car caravans along the great Pacific Hyway journey joining Mexico and the States with Canada; north to Alaska. A pilgrimage of the seeking. 2400 Motel-Court: offering motor-mobile adventurers their first salty glimpse of the supernatural Pacific Ocean and the neon glow and glitter of downtown Vancouver on the horizon. At once an oasis where you can pull in off the road and unload your car at a family home-away-from-home with a kitchenette. Tidy and cheerful. Weekly rates. Beaconing in road weary travellers, since the beginning, with it’s three strumming argon- blue neon rods that sooth and smitten the night. Featuring a dramatic and simply sincere, blue and red, ‘2400 Court’ hand-blown, stand-up neon sign, that talks to you on it’s little hill in splendid performance routine. It is numbered name describes it’s in distance from the wedged head-waters where east meets west and geographic centre of Vancouver; the three-way crossroads of Kingsway, Broadway and Main. The progress years of the early 50’s brings instance suburbian growth with the widespread explosion of strip malls, gas stations, car repair shops, cafes, restaurants, community cinima theatres, auto courts and motor hotels. Eldorado, Rickshaw, Tops, Knight and Day, Oasis Car Wash, Wally’s Burgers, Vicway. 2400 Court relishes a historical landscape of human romance touching seven decades. The city as a shifting stage brings this time-capsule narrative into focus as an authentic voice that speaks to us from where we have come from. Now at the trecherous edge of falling into the cracks of modern times. A place of beginnings. A place of passings. A place of rest. Laughter and tears. Fond gatherings and wonderful spirit. Blessings. And now a place of endings. Nothing stays as it was. With a storied and eventful history, our fabled 2400 Motel-Court has fallen into an era of decrepitude. A salted and peppered repetatition as a roost for naughty girls of the night and clandestine behaviour has decended. This suspended spaceship from our poetic past is a mere moment away from take-off into the ether, never to return. Memory will soon be our only record.